These horses are being re-homed. Not for sale. Their re-home fees are a significant reduction to what they could bring in today's market as a regular "sale". They go with contracts to protect them, and there is a return policy if the adopters cannot keep them sometime down the road.Vet and farrier references will be required.

💜 lovely grey Arabian gelding, (pictured above) 15.2 hands, approx 13 yrs old. experienced distance trail riding horse, this guy wants and needs to stretch his legs and cover the miles. Not fond of ring riding. Typical arabian energy. Best suited for solid intermediate rider and up, who is familiar with the breed, and who also does serious trail riding. This is NOT a horse to trail ride just once or twice a month. Would love to see him with someone who does competitive trail riding.
Re-home fee: mid 4 figures
💜 chestnut QH/Arab mare, (PENDING ADOPTION)14.2 hands, approx 18 yrs old. Has been used in light lesson program, history of dressage and eventing and trails. Serviceably sound on equioxx. Smooth gaits. Occasionally spicy attitude. Barefoot. Great for vet + farrier. Not for beginners.
Re-home fee: low 4 figures
💜 beautiful black and white dutch warmblood mare, 15.2 hands, approx 18 years old. Started under saddle late in life after being a baby-maker. Well started under saddle but late in life, low miles and I still describe her as "somewhat green". Very kind disposition. Used in lessons, everyone who meets her loves her. Intermediate rider. Would love to see her in an adult woman's backyard home, doing mostly trails, occasional ring work, and getting tons of love. She is a truly special horse.
Re-home fee: mid 4 figures
💜 adorable grey mustang mare, 14.3 hands, around 18 years old. NOT suitable for riding due to vision issues. Not blind, but vision impairment makes her unsafe for riding purposes. Placing as a companion only. Very easy keeper.
Re-home fee: mid 3 figures
💜 handsome appendix QH gelding, 15.3 hands, around 20 yrs old. Former show horse and lesson horse. Smooth gaits. Can still be ridden lightly, but requires maintenance of equioxx and cosequin. Currently lightly ridden 3 x week by a working student. Phenomenal companion horse. Would love to see him in an adult backyard home as companion and occasional light trail horse. Advanced beginner to intermediate rider.
Re-home fee: high 3 figures
💜 spunky large pinto pony, 14 hands tall, mid 20's but you would never know it. Has been a lesson pony most of his life, so he knows all the good tricks of the trade, LOL. Quirky but fun. Well schooled, but I would like to see him semi-retired, and out of doing lesson programs, with preferably a petite adult woman not afraid of sass, for her own ring and trail riding. NOT A LITTLE KID'S PONY.
Re-home fee: low 4 figures
💜 beautiful senior pinto gelding, 15.3 hands, over 25 years old. Has still been doing light work here in 3 easy kid lessons per week. Has a sway back, so not suitable for large riders. Can be a grump on the ground/tacking up, but is very tolerant of our young riders under saddle. Steady. He is the horse I pull out for youngsters to get their 1st ever trail ride. Some minor maintenance needed for arthritis. Looking to still enjoy some slow trail rides.
Re-home fee: TBD

VOLUNTEER and SPONSOR OPPORTUNITY - Need a horse fix and have a little time to spare? able to help with a rescue's care or medication expenses? all the farm's rescue horse's expenses are paid 99% of the time directly out of the farm's limited pocket. Maybe you can sponsor a horse for a month? or help pay for life-changing medication, or routine vet/farrier work? Rescue work is a labor of love, but any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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